Dawn within the Night


The moon and sun are distant lovers, to meet only distantly, opposite from one another. Though neither can be beside one another, one can not be without the other. The sun is the light of the moon, the moon is the other half of the sun; together they are a balancing act of creation. The moon with no sun is only a dark, cold, desolate land, and the sun with no moon to shine light upon is only a fiery ball of unpredictability, always spreading non-stop heat; he only would be a violent ball of destructive heat without his moon to shine on. But there are those rare occasions, when moon and sun come into alignment, and when that happens a night sweeps the landscape, as if there is a dawn within the night.

Let our bodies be an example of this. Our body is the moon, our lover is the sun, and when combined we make an eclipse of our own, a fire of our own passion, a dawn with in the night of our own lives.


December 10th, 2014
Dawn within the Night

The light of day has diminished
We can continue with what the light finished
And create fire in the night
Let’s start with a spark by the connection of two pairs of lips
Let the spark light our two hearts
Causing instinctive body reaction
Alchemical attraction
Let it flow down our bodies
From fingertips to toes
A beginning of a fiery creation
No need to wait for morning light
We can make our own dawn within the night
From the heat of the spark
Our bodies moving closer together
Soon, arms embracing one another
A slow romance
Alchemical reaction causing lover’s dance
The heat rises from two bodies becoming one
Heat rises and falls in waves of fire light
Reaching the sky with the rise of desire
A fiery creation lighting the sky
Creating dawn within the night
Fiery lover’s peak
Heat waves rise and fall
Crashing brightly in multitude of starlight spark
Rainbow colors change to a bright fiery hue
A dawn of our own
One never knew could be created
A pleasing sight for all once hated
But now mated within the night
Fire reaching new heights
Reality diminished
Continuing what the light finished


You and I are lovers, opposite from one another, but we are ignited by the spark of our own fire. Like an alchemical reaction, like the sun and moon combined, together we will make a new creation, a dawn within the night.

Heated lovers tongue sparks a fiery lung filled smoke
Alchemical reaction
Of attraction
Within the dark of night
A fiery dawn is created
By two bodies heating
As one
Creating dawn within the night

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