Fiery Creation


Found @ What Sets my Heart on Fire

There’s a moment in time when we meet a person (or persons) who affect us in a deep way that is beyond thought. We feel a distant connection to them, as if it’s more than a physical attraction, but spiritual. It is as if we knew them before, as a spirit, in a world beyond earth, a place beyond time. These people we meet are hard – impossible – to forget. They connect to us, as if they merged into us, an innate part of our being. They are no longer two individuals, but one – when two hearts connect. <<3-<3>

December 9th, 2014

You and I are as one
Two souls connected from a distant time
With me, you are home
I am your comfort from the pain
Shelter from the rain
Life can be cruel
But we rule our world
We are our destiny
You are meant for me
I am part of you
You and I know this is true
Two souls connected as one
Never to come undone
Our fiery creation
Will live long after we are gone
It will live on with future generations
As the nations become one

These souls are safe. They have shelter in their energetic presence, a protection felt on all planes of existence. Life can feel so cruel, but all is tolerable in this unconditional, timeless love. A love that is destiny’s calling, meant for you and I, a part of an intricate whole that is mysterious, timeless, and ancient beyond cognitive comprehension. Once two souls connect as one, nothing can separate them. Even if they do part, they will reconnect in some way, on some plane, in some life or existence. The presence of their other half is forever felt. A creation of light, fiery light of creation, happens when two souls connect in this way. That powerful love lives on long after the body dies, and is carried in the future generations. A powerful love instead of hidden but shared, could change the world. With a powerful love, the nations will become one.

A fiery creation… as the nations become one

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