The World

The world is full of crime, people doing time
The world is full of pain and suffering, nothing like the one I had in mind
The world has a face of happiness to disguise the sadness
The world is full of war and destruction
Soon nothing will be left, but our pain and distress

The world is full of helpful people, who can make a difference
The world is full of the ones who try to achieve, but fail and don’t try again
The world is full of people who know wrong from right, with evil not too far from their minds
Which one are you?

The world is full of people who are trying to save the crime filled place we live in
The world is full of people who sit back and watch this world crumble into pieces
The world is full of help, but the groups are too small
When will this end? Will they ever help us all?
Only one who can change the world is you.

(poem written by ME on 8.17.08)

The world is a hectic place, filled with power-hungry rulers with greed in their eyes, blinding them of what their impulsive actions are causing the people they are to protect and provide the necessities for to be healthy, prosper, and have security – for themselves as well as their loved ones. This blinding greed is preventing the rulers from working together, as a whole, to help find solutions to the social problems in existence that are affecting not only an individual country, but multiple countries as a whole – the entire globe.

The world is a hectic place, moving at a fast pace, with human beings who rarely stop to examine the environment in which they live in – the environment that was here for millenniums, eons, before modern humans existed. Few individuals stop to either ‘smell the roses’ – literally – or move their eyes away from the smart phone, tablet, or computer in their hand or lap. And then so many wonder and have doubt about the power of being and giving love and appreciation to the Earth and the Source of life beyond the earth – our sun and moon (or GOD, depending on religion and belief). We make up imaginary truths of global warming, climate change, and we are always pointing the finger here or there, assuming this or that, but not really seeing that the climate was and is always changing. If we took a few minutes of the day to just be and appreciate the Earth beneath our feet, we’d then notice the changes in the atmosphere, and these cold fronts and heat waves won’t feel so out-of-place, nor would we feel unprepared. We’d know exactly what to do, because something inside us would let us know what to do, our instincts would guide us, they can be the salvation so many search for outside themselves, but rarely do people realize that the salvation is within us – always.

The world is a hectic place, filled with doubt, confusion, and terror. Groups form due to the chaos the hectic doubt and confusion cause. The groups even call themselves terror, and use it as a way to manipulate, control, and spread a belief to gain power. Through the weapon of terror, cultures are destroyed, religions and beliefs are tampered and changed, and countries crumble due to war, and entire histories of existence are destroyed by the avalanche of rubble that once was a thriving country. We soon forget the sacred truths, and get lost and caught up in the chaos of the governments who convince us that they rule our lives.

The world is a hectic place with an opposition at every turn. Just as Newton’s third law of motion states, “for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction”, in every negative, there is an equal positive. We have the power in ourselves to create the change we are so desperately wanting. Groups are forming to create the Social Change, but those numbers are small – but they are ever-growing. With the growth of technology, social media, these groups are growing in larger numbers. We are forming togetherness within chaos. We are coming together, and one day common ground will be found – possibly in some form that is completely different from the perceptive of reality today.


Yet, hate still presides. Why? Because it is in some of our genetics, in our ancestor’s memories and ways that are passed down to us by our parents and society we interact in. We forget that we are one race – the human race. We believe, because it is what we are taught, that each culture is a different race, because they have a different way of life than ours – or so it appears. But in actuality, we are only one race – human. In all the cultures of the world, a universal truth is shared: survival by instinct that’s fueled by love.

We are a world filled with many cultures that are made up of multiple hues and intricate designs. Despite the destruction of what is so ‘different’ in one group’s eyes, life persists. We still exist. Love always prevails – period. We can change the way of viewing and interacting in the world on a small four letter world that holds so much meaning and true power – Love. Love comes in multiple forms, it’s not just the form you share with your family or intimate partner, but also the love you share with the environment and humans outside your kin circle. We are all connected by some source – the sun and moon give us all energy to live life on this planet, and no matter where you reside, the sun and moon is always there – that is something religion and belief cannot deny. We are made by the same color blood and the same skeletal structure of bones. The color of blood is always crimson, even if our skin is a different hue than our neighbor.

Make up of Many Nations

Make up of Many Nations

Artist: Helen Nelson Reed, found @

Change forms through chaos, because an old pattern of life, behavior, must be broken. We can rearrange the broken and scattered pieces of a previous pattern, and solve a puzzle that creates a new path, world, better than it’s ever been, yet made up of the same essence – the same ancient essence – it always was. Oneness can happen, globalization is happening, and it does not have to mean the end of mankind, or turning all into robots, it can mean simply: working together in Social Change – as One.

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