Seasons Greetings in Love

Hope you all are having a very special and happy holiday. This will be a post focused on an intense, powerful, emotion: Love.

I spent Christmas day with those I love, and I was given a special gift. It was a necklace of Stirling silver, that held an emblem of a tree with a quote on it stating: be the change you want to see in the world. I thought the gift is very suiting to my personality and chosen path in life. May we all be the change we’d like to see in the world…

Love, ah, such a simple one syllable word, yet so complex with no specific definition. Love, it is defined by all differently, and shown in different ways. Love, such a complex emotion, with more than one dimension, and spoken in all the worlds languages. Body, soul, mind, heart, universal – all is connected in the spirally storm called: Love.

I love this, I love that, and with love comes the opposition: Hate. I hate this, I hate that, I love you, I hate you, come back, go a way, come back. Stay. Ah, such a bitter confusion our mind likes to make love to be. But it is not so complicated, not to me, for love is meant to be felt, not just heard.

I once was wishfully thinking, in many ways I still wishfully think, of a one true love that is meant for me. A Love Like…

…No Other

I want a love like no other
A love that will sweep me off my feet
Making my heart skip a beat

I want a love that surpasses the sense of time
A love that is only mine
A love that stands beside me in the pouring rain
One that will take away the pain

I want a love that forgives my mistakes
One that gives, but never takes
A love that makes me whole again
A love that’s meant to be.

(“A Love Like No other”, written by me, on December 22nd 2009)

I call this wishful thinking only in the sense that someone can not save me from myself, or take my pain away, but they can be there as a companion to support me in my choices, and to uplift me when my world is shaky and my feet are unsteady upon the unpaved path of life I walk.

It is true, each love is unique, hence we all want a love like no other – and I sure would like that – but I’m not going to make grandiose fantasies about it any longer, for I know the future can not be created in the mind and remain in the mind. The fantasy of the future must be lived and actions must be taken in order for a future perceived to become a real reality. Best way of making a fantasy of the future a reality is to exist in the moment. And as I exist at this moment, my thoughts do not wonder into unknown possibilities about the “love of my life”. Instead, I may stumble upon that love spontaneously, and then… possibly… my heart will skip a beat. The love surpassing the sense of time is a love found within the moment… where thoughts cease to exist. In that moment, true feeling is felt, and serenity is let in.

I no longer need a love that is only mine, because love is meant to be shared. I no longer need to be possessive, because possession of another may make someone feel trapped and a need to escape may enter their mind. My love can roam freely as it pleases – as they please – for I’ll know, if the love is true, they’ll always be with me. Faith, trust, and honesty are important to keep love.

With faith, trust, and honesty, open-mindedness must be there. And if one is open minded with their love, the love may stand beside them during all hardships, through the rainy days that may cause pain to a heart. Love will remain in those times, as long as it can roam freely.

True love does forgive mistakes, and helps to make one whole again. But it is not the only thing that makes one whole, the person who feels broken must also help with healing themselves. Love is a guide; the true healing of the heart is up to our self. We must accept love in order for it to help heal us. Accepting is a step toward love. Faith, trust, and honesty are building blocks of love. Love that is meant to be is a love that is accepted into the heart. So…

Let Love In

Let love help wash away the pain of yesterday.
Let love help bring in today that is full of joy, full of wonder.
Let love help cleanse this broken heart, making it shiny and new
Let love help wash away the sadness in my mind that haunts me everyday
Let love help me grow
Let love show me the way to happiness.
Let love brighten the path of success
Let love help me forget my petty flaws.
Let love show me the way to your heart.

(written by me on July 23rd 2010, revised 12/18/14)

Bittersweet is love, and that is why this post is both bitter and sweet. Bitter sweet is love, and as well as this year has been for me. I feel a post such as this is a perfect way to end the year, my last reflection post of the year. See you here in “Reflections” category next year!

…by the way, Happy Kwanza, to whoever celebrates it, and Merry Christmas!

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