The Winter Cold

The earth in the northern hemisphere is dry, frozen, and life appears slow moving. Plants and trees are frozen in time, bare, vulnerable, with no leaves to hide their limbs, their bare truths underneath the foliage.

Little white bunnies hop out of their homes beneath the earth, only to quickly return; nothing is out here for them, in this bitter cold. A caw of a winter bird is heard but not seen. The branches of the hibernating trees move, creak in the icy breeze that which is gentle but unpredictable, the turbulence may pick up to cause a harsh wind at any moment. For now, it is calm; the icy breeze is only warning the nature that Storm is near. The winter storm is upon Nature, but it has yet to really roar.

The Fall brought change with multiple colors; Earth tone hues faded from green and turned to yellow, orange, red, to deep brown. Now, all that is left is transparency. The color of this hemisphere is gone, and all that is seen is the bare truths that once were hidden behind Spring and Summer’s foliage. Now, nothing can be hid.



Winter, oh how you haunt my dreams
The echo of your footsteps are heard always
Controlling my every thought and movement
Your bitter cold is endless, entering my heart and soul
Always near, always with fear
Your sweet bitter cold
Sweet secrets unheard
The silent ways you move will always haunt me and control
Never letting me free
Oh sweet cold stay near
Loving me, this numbness I hate to love

(poem Written by me on July 5th, 2011)

~`~Pitter patter of footsteps heard but prints unseen ~`~


Once upon a time not so long ago I felt the icy finger of Winter; a feeling that entered my being and haunted my dreams. Winter’s footsteps were always heard behind me, but never seen; invisible each time I turned my head to look, the echoing sound only meant for my ears. The silent presence of Winter controlled my every thought and movement. Its bitter cold felt endless, as if it was entering my heart and soul. It was always near, always cradling my fear. The cold is bittersweet, filled with secrets unheard. The silent ways Winter moved haunted and controlled me, never setting me free. I loved the numbness Winter gave me, an imaginary protection from the harsh realities of the world; a numbness I hated to love. One day, I broke free from the ice of Winter. A new day dawned, and with it came the warm sun. But that is another story.

Current time

Autumn has come and gone; the dying process of the Earth began and ended as the Earth toned hues faded from the Earth. Spiritually speaking, the winter months are known for time of hibernation, retreat, contemplation, and completion of projects. In Prehistoric times, this was a time of rest, love making, and being close to the hearth and protecting loved ones from the bitter winter. Food gathering, hunting, the work of the spring and summer months are gone. Now is the time for preservation, staying huddled up and warm to survive, while planning for the spring and summer months.

The winter months are a time of stillness with little sunshine. On one hand this can make one feel depressed, but on the other hand it can be used as a tool for contemplation to get to know one’s intuitive side. The answers to prayers and affirmations may be fully realized in the winter months. Since winter is the time of completion, one’s desires tend to be realized during these months. It is a good time to continue working toward goals by following hunches and intuitive guidance, while at the same time taking a rest and listening to the needs of one’s body. This still time is also a good time to connect with family members and friends, and tying up loose ends such as completing a project. This is a good time to let go of old ways that no longer enhance one’s being, and let in new insights and ways of being.

Monthly Affirmation

When you feel hope is wavering, when you feel the ice cold touch of Winter enter your being, when you feel lonely and unappreciated, as if the world is too cruel for you to see the light within the darkness, the sun behind the fog; remember this:

“The sun will shine on better days
It may feel a ways away
But the sun will shine through
And turn our grey skies into a perfect blue

The sun may be a ways away
But as long as we have our faith
We will have better days
Even though the sun may feel a ways away”
(written by ME)

(Found at Truth Beckons on Facebook)

Also, Happy Hanukkah, Good Tidings for Yule, and Merry Christmas to those who celebrate one of these holidays!

See you in a week! More to come.

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