Seasons Greetings in Friendship


“Friendship lights the candle that scares away the darkness that life may bring
Friendship warms the heart and clears the mind of the pain
Friendship welcomes the rain that washes away the sadness that pain leaves behind
Friendship is like a warm blanket on a cold winter night
Friendship is that sense of belonging, sense of being found
Friendship knows when to come, and knows when to stay.
Friendship brightens up our darkest day.
Friendship is never too far away.”

(poem written on September 21st, 2009)

I wrote this poem five years ago, when I felt trust toward a friend who is no longer in my life, but they helped me through a period in my life that was emotionally troubling to me internally, even though on the outside nothing was different. My life was calm, and my family was fine, nothing out of the ordinary life struggles of living. But inside me there was a lot of confusion, to some degree it is still there, but I have grown and developed very much over the last five years (or more, this is just one of many poems of expression).

Anyhow, in October of this year when I decided to create this blog as a form of expression, I was browsing my poems, which I have shared with very few, and marked some that I will share here. This poem was one of them.

Friendship is important to our lives, in some form or another, because it let us know we are not alone, we have someone to confide in, and we receive advice from these trusted companions. Friendship is defined in many ways, and how you define it is up to you. Family could be considered a friendship as well, since it is a bonding of love and protection that gives us hope, comfort, and shelter.

Friendship, family, are both a light in the darkness that life can bring, they help us through the obstacles in our life in honest ways (or should be honest ways). The honest healing words from friends, or family, reminds us there is hope beneath the pain. This reminder may even clear away some of the pain we hold and help us move to a brighter future, or develop a clearer idea for a conclusion of a plan, or a way over an obstacle. Friendship is the healing power of rain, which washes the pain away.

Friendship is a gentle comfort, warmth and shelter on our cold days when we are feeling lost and unprotected. Our friends remind us of who we are and help us to find our selves when lost. We are not alone.

Friendship comes when we most need it, and when a friend enters our life they truly know when to stay. Sometimes friendship ends, and that has a purpose too, but a true friendship lasts despite the absence of physical presence. This knowledge can brighten up our thoughts and help us in positive ways. We know, then, that friendship is never too far away, and is then here to stay, in some form or the next.


This heartfelt message, I feel, is meant to be posted at this time of year, when the cold of winter has set in, and when holidays are here. It is a message of hope and togetherness, which this time of year celebrates. Never give up hope, keep your friends and family close, and always settle those differences within your love circle. Communication is a key to a good relationship, whether friendship, family, or intimate. It is all connected. Life is all about perspectives, and we choose which perspective we want our reality to appear to be.

Stay warm, for those in the Northern Hemisphere. Happy Holidays to you all!

~protector of the pain, giver of the healing rain~


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