Random Speech

Words seem to flow at random through me, and this blog seems to be taking a different turn than I expected… is it a blog of poetry now? Well, poetry is emotion, and emotion tends to come from the “heart” or “soul”. Who knows where this blog will go! Life is full of surprises, and so am I… If anyone is reading this, please stay tuned for more! You never know what you may find on my blog…. An insight… an experience of mine… pictures… anything is possible… right?

I will be making a post(s) once a week, most likely during the weekend, and I will post an affirmation once a month. Stay tuned!

Peace & love ❤

First affirmation:

Flames of Desire

Passion is the desire that ignites the fire that forms creation and breaks tradition (if desired), enhancing the web of life.

Picture found at Spirit that Moves me


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