Changing with the Season

A new season is here, in many parts of the “northern hemisphere”  leaves have changed from green to yellow, to shades of orange, and as the season deepens and winter nears, shades of brown. With each changing hue comes shifts in our energy fields – some individuals are aware of their energy changes, others are not or appear unaffected; it is all based on perception and belief.

With the coming of Autumn, for me, came a feeling of a mixture of happiness and a feeling of sadness, yet a decrease of my anxiety. I can look at this state of being symbolically in this way: as the temperature begins to drop, and the earth’s colors change, green grass begins to yellow and slow decease, as does the leaves upon the trees and animals prepare for hibernation, I to begin to change. I feel, so-to-speak, a part of me is “dying” with the Earth. A shift/change is happening inside me that I feel is reflecting my view of Fall. In a way it is bitter, in another way it is sweet. It is a bitter feeling because of the mixed emotions that run through me, and the spontaneous highs and lows of energy, but it is sweet because I have gained more insight of who I am, where I am going, and who I want to be. With each day, I learn more and more, and I have embraced this change.

In all honesty, the feeling of change is not a new feeling. I have felt periods of “change” and periods of stability very often these past seven years. Correction: I have become more aware of the feeling of change these past seven years, since I began my own “spirit path”.

At the beginning of the path I had feelings of fear, anxiety, confusion, bitterness, anger, envy. It has taken me many years, many mental obstacles to jump through, to reach this awareness. Through awareness of change came the awareness of emotion. I am now aware of my mood shifts, and learning to control my mood changes to stay on the positive side of life, versus dwelling on the negative, which I so often have done in the past, and still do in periods of doubt and confusion.

Awareness is only a step toward clarity. But it is a big step, and I feel I have finally reached some inner accomplishment. What that is? I have yet to fully understand. But I see the sunshine and feel its warmth, even through the decaying of the leaves, shorter days and longer nights, and chill in the air.

Picture found at Sara la Rosa Pinterest 

autumn-changingwiththeseasonspost-found on and pininterest,SarahLaRose

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~ Swish, swish, goes the broom, dusting away the dirt of yesterday~

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