Whistle of the Wind

“Whistle of the Wind

Let us not go
Where art does not flow
For through art is life
A breath one never knew
Only once the wind blew
And the whistle was sang and heard
The whistle of tree speech
A voice that can’t be breached
That which calls to our souls
Forever heard in our hearts
If only one would listen
Then one can glisten in the light of inner knowledge
A place within is our lodge
Safety and security
Peace and serenity
Let be let be
And one will see
And hear the voice of the knowledge trees
Through the whistle of the wind
                                        (written by ME on 8.5.14)”


Picture found on wordpress @: Islamic Reflections

I wrote this poem sometime this August. Why? I do not know, I wrote what came to me, because the phrase “Whistle of the wind” popped into my head. I drew a couple pictures related to the wind, one some time last year, and another earlier this year. Through the pictures and the phrase that inspired the poem, this post was formed.

Here is the first drawing:

Scan0003 3

The second drawing (of 2 feathers in the wind, basically) will be uploaded later, when I get the chance to scan it.

I have always been fascinated with the wind, how it appears to whistle, or moan, between the branches of trees or other objects where air can pass through at will. I always imagined a hidden message in the wind… Something said, and heard, only if and when we are listening…

Like the wind, a soft whisper can be carried inside you, and heard only when you choose to hear it. Like the wind, the sound or whistle may appear imaginary, and you can easily be misguided by the voice inside you, only if your ego persona gets in the way.

I feel art flows in us all, and through expression it is created, for art is in everything. To me, Art is creation and expression, and we all have a form of art we cling to, we use, to express what we want expressed, verbally or non.

Maybe you express art through verbal speech, such as public speaking or in social gatherings. Maybe you express Art non-verbally, such as in creative writing, poetry, painting, music notes, music creation, excreta… or maybe it is expressed in how you dress, your interest in fashion, or your garden, plants, trees you tend to… Life, to me, is Art – expression and creation.

The voice “of the knowledge tree” can only be heard inside you, most likely by some outside trigger. The trigger may be faint, soft, and easily missed if not paid attention to at the exact moment it occurs, just like the feeling of a breeze upon your skin – cool or warm breeze – it is only momentarily, and usually soft… easy to forget once it has passed, but it leaves a feeling that at times cannot be defined in you. Maybe… a feeling of serenity or brief knowing… a brief yearning for something more… and then the moment passes with the breeze… or maybe it stays to be analyzed, used, felt to its fullest… expressed.

Tree is a symbol of growth. The tree begins from a seed, then germinates and roots begin to grow deep into the grown. The deeper the roots go the bigger and more complex the tree becomes. The tree’s roots are its heritage, its lifeline, and the essence of what it’ll become and is. The roots are the heritage, ancestry, of its being. As the tree grows and develops, it obtains branches, and with the branches comes the leaves. The leaves are a storage place, maybe the memories, and the branches may be the tree’s different path’s of thought. On every branch, multiple leaves do grow, and with the changing of the seasons the leaves fall – memories become repressed, forgiven, but never truly forgotten – and then new leaves grow in the place of the fallen leaves. An endless growing, decaying, cycle, but the tree nonetheless continues to grow.

We, like a tree, have roots, a heritage, that helped develop who we are, and no matter what our roots will always be there, and the roots are not what can be changed. But we grow and develop with each passing second, hour, day, week, month, and year. And as we grow, develop, choose paths, and overcome obstacles, new branches of thought are formed, new leaves are grown, and memories are stored. But, like the tree, memories shouldn’t be held onto forever. If the memories are hard to handle, but reoccurring, they should be faced, known, but let them float on by, and fall to the ground, so a new memory can be created, a new feeling experienced, but always in a moving cyclical pace, for nothing should be held permanently in our minds. To live, and grow, we must let go, let go of the old, in with the new; new experiences, new emotions… new existence within an old existence so-to-speak.

The knowledge tree is your own Being. It is a metaphor for who you are as an individual in a society, and knowing your inner knowledge, your self, your true potential, you can overcome the obstacles that are before you that are preventing you to obtain a goal you desire to accomplish… or simply: preventing you to just be in the NOW.

(As I was typing this post I remembered another drawing of mine… A drawing of a tree… maybe this is a symbolic “knowledge tree”, drawn on 12.26.12)

Scan0016 1

~ May the wind take me to new heights; to new levels of self understanding and development, career success, and independence ~

Peace and love ❤

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